Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reynolds Play

Reynolds, ND

Community plays are fun to attend and just as fun to be in.  Local actors from around the area with little acting experience get on stage to have a good time and entertain the people in their community.  While not professional they are still certain to entertain even the ficklest of theater goers.  The plays are often picked with the actors in mind.  The parts they play often reflect their real personality in some way.  This allows these amateur actors to shine. 

The actors feed off of not only laughter but whooping and hollering too!  Often times with these types of small town productions, most everyone in the audience personally knows most everyone in the play.  The actors feed off the people in the audience and the audience feeds off the people on stage.  Afterwards you can give your favorite actor shit about how goofy they looked or how good they did, either way they will take it as a compliment!  Sometimes the actors will find ways to get the audience involved in the play.  This is a great give and take that only makes you feel like part of the cast.  Even better, especially in Reynolds, you can go to the Beehive Bar across the street and bring your drink of choice with you, then afterwards, go back and enjoy a few with the cast.  Under 21?  You are more than welcomed to come and the cast loves to mingle in the hall and chat with whoever wants to talk to them.  

So come to Reynolds, ND and see yours truly in one of the one-act plays.  I play the lead character in the play called Cuffed by G Sherman H. Morrison.  When "Jerry" (that's me) gets handcuffed to a lamppost in the middle of the night by an unlikely person in the park, he's bound to come across some crazy people and that's just what happens.  These people will make you laugh, aroused, appalled, or all three!  

The second play is called Lip Service by Bradley Hayward.  When Charlie made his reservation at
the trendy restaurant to ask for Laura's hand in marriage, he had no idea that his proposal would be repeatedly thwarted by a revolving staff of cuckoos. Among them are a waitress obsessed with conspiracy theories, a bus boy with a cabaret act, a chef with an accent thicker than his gravy, and a violinist that doesn't even know how to play. As Laura flits from disaster to disaster, Charlie tries desperately to make heads or tails of the nonsense spewing from everyone's lips.

Please come support a great community and see some fun, loving characters.  If you can't make it to this one, please go see one in your community.  These people are giving their time for free in order to entertain you!  With that sort of commitment, you know you'll have some fun when you go and you might even consider being part of the cast next year! (we can always use more suckers people)

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