Friday, March 9, 2012

Day Travels

Hague, ND

I love to travel. I mean, who doesn't? I get tired of seeing the same walls at work, same walls at home, same scene to and from work, daughters dance lessons, etc. It get tiring and mondane and I like to step out of the ordinary. Even if it means traveling to areas near by that we don't really get to experience much less our children and lets face it, we have a narrow window in our little life in which we get to spend quality time with them. Granted they graduate when they are 18 (God willing) but I know kids start to drift away from their parents much sooner and suddenly it's not quite as cool to hang with mom and dt me and my parents.

Growing up, Sundays would be especially boring with only three TV channels and nothing on. So my dad would occasionally just take us out and drive around the area. It was nothing over the top but I got to know the area.
We once traveled to the sleepy little town of Hague, ND to visit this gem of a church. How or why such a small town of 71 people has such a beautiful, large church is beyond me, yet here it is. No more than a 45 minute drive from our place. The stone and detail that went in the alter is very awe inspiring with what appears to be granite (I don't know my geology). As you look from the back of the church your eye scans along the arching ceiling the beams seem to criss-cross each other. The lighting along the sides of the church is quite different from what you see in most where all of the lighting hangs from overhead. These lights showcase the stations of the cross along the sides.

As beautiful as all this is, your can't help but be drawn to the front and the alter. As if a beacon is pulling in towards God's graces, showing you the way home, and you can get lost in it. It's a quiet town so when there isn't a mass you will likely have the place to yourself and you can sit and reflect for a while.

Just a small example of something you can find when even just taking a short trip to somewhere near by.  I remember those times fondly.  We didn't always know where we are going but we found something interesting and it was some good bonding with my parents.  Trips don't have to be to some far off, expensive location.  Try to find something close to you and make the most of it.  

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taxford said...

Great Post!

This immediately struck a chord with me when it comes to traveling. I think there is nothing more mundane than the routine of everyday life. As you said, look at the walls of work, look at the walls of home, rinse and repeat.

I think that the best way to experience all that life has to offer is to "see how the other half lives" and keep an open mind about it. I feel that too often many people, myself included, feel they need to fly somewhere, passports and guidebooks clutched tight in hand, to get the best travel experience. I need to be better about taking day trips and seeing the beauty our immediate surroundings have to offer, and your blog helped me see that. Thanks.